Even Kai Cenat Is Saying Pokimane’s Cookies Are Overpriced

Kai Cenat is added to the list of content creators who are criticizing their fellow streamer Pokimane’s new cookies, specifically saying they are overpriced. 


It all started when Pokimane sent Kai Cenat a promotion box of her cookies for the latter to review. 

Initially, things were going well. The Twitch streamer smelled-test the cookies, and said they smelled like fudge.

But things changed when he tasted the cookies. 

He commented, “The fudge part of the cookie, I’ll be honest… is dry… [Look at] the chocolate though, the chocolate is good.”

He also added that people might need milk or some other drink just to soften the cookie. 

But his greatest punch would be on the cookies’ pricing.

Kai Cenat said, “[In my] life though, not worth $28 bro, I’ll be honest with you bro, not worth $28 dollars.”

He wasn’t the only content creator sent a promotion package. Kick streamer xQc also received a package and reviewed the cookies, saying that they tasted like carbon and burnt nuggets, among other comparisons. 

Pokimane’s cookies

A few weeks ago, Pokimane took to Instagram to announce her new business, Myna Snacks.

“it’s finally here… introducing my new company: myna snacks! (emoji) i could never find the perfect healthy snack that ACTUALLY tasted good, so i made one!… the midnight mini cookies are made w/ real, non-gmo ingredients + have added vitamin d for those who are in front of screens often, like me… i’m so nervous but excited for this new endeavor, and i really hope you guys love these as much as i do (emoji),” the streamer posted.

However, as soon as the cookies were launched, she received a wave of backlash, saying the similar things that Kai Cenat and other content creators were saying – they are overpriced, and copied some Costco products.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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