Editorial Policy

We believe that news reports have a moral duty to engage with the public on the values, and pressing issues of the times, and that organizations such as ours can gain a lot in return.

Our readers are free to connect with us in several ways:

  • Via the Contact Us page on our website
  • Via physical mail sent to our office
  • Via various social media channels


We are responsive to feedback from readers and take concerns seriously.

Our editorial team ensures that any errors are swiftly identified and remedied. As well as taking editorial care before publication, our editorial team routinely checks for any possible factual inaccuracies.

Bylines Policy

All of our articles will contain a clear author byline stating the name of the author. Author profiles can easily be found on our “Meet Our Team” page.


Popculturizm employs the following actions to prevent inaccurate or misleading content:

1. Writers must link to the source of information they are reporting.

2. Writers are trained to question the validity of sources and to take care of the information they are reporting.

3. Writers do not write about topics when they do not have enough knowledge about the subject.

4. Writers must clearly distinguish between opinion and fact.

When Popculturizm finds it has published inaccurate or misleading information, we will respond swiftly to remedy the situation.

AI Content

AI tools remain unreliable and are not useful at all for journalism, especially when it concerns breaking events. No articles on Popculturizm have been made using AI tools.


We take a zero-tolerance approach to plagiarism. Any writer who is found to have used the work of others without permission and accreditation will immediately face disciplinary action.

Modern Day Slavery Statement

Due to the nature of our business, we assess ourselves to have a low risk of modern slavery in our business.