Christen Whitman under fire over alleged vaping while pregnant

Recently, influencer Christen Whitman came under fire on social media after appearing in an image with what was believed to be a vape while pregnant. This was posted on Reddit where users were quick to blast the influencer, albeit it should be pointed out that there was little evidence other than a grainy image. In fairness to Whitman, the object in her hand may not have been a vape at all. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop from tea being spilled and people gossiping about her after assuming the worst.


Here, the original poster wrote: “I keep seeing people calling out Christen Whitman for continuing to vape while pregnant. It seems like a lot of her followers defend her by saying it’s safe to do in moderation while pregnant. Am I delusional or is this not okay? I found some pictures on a snark page for her and there are even videos of her vaping on live out of frame and holding in the smoke. This seems so irresponsible to me. Am I missing something?”

Originally, Christen Whitman became a person of interest and gained some level of notoriety due to her controversial TikTok post about eating at Starbucks. While she may not be a traditional celebrity or influencer, her TikTok post has made her famous in the sense that many people are now discussing and debating her opinions online.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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