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About Us

Popculturizm is an entertainment media website that is owned by the Shade Media Group. We seek out and report on any kind of interesting celebrities, showbiz or general news.

We look deeper into the culture, whether it’s reporting on the biggest streamers and content creators, or simply reporting on a viral meme and why it became so popular, we will cover it.

Corrections & Updates

In order to be transparent with our audience and held accountable for our work, we correct any factual errors that are made in a story and add a note at the bottom of the article, explaining what the error was and what it has been changed to.


Popculturizm produces a wide variety of content. Information is provided to us by publishers through press releases or social media channels. We always verify information from sources with additional sources protect the identity of anyone who reveals information to any staff anonymously, their identity must be proven to editorial staff. We always credit and provide a link to the original source of information unless otherwise requested not to.

When reporting on rumors and leaked information, we check that the information comes from reliable sources.


Please send any press enquiries to hello(at)shadmediagroup.com


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Editor: Martin Dover

Martin has been a journalist since he graduated from Exeter University and has worked for a variety of online publications. He is particularly active on Twitter and always follows showbiz news as well as gaming culture on platforms such as Twitch.