Laura Clery & Ex Fight On Instagram Live

Recently, there was a discussion on Instagram regarding an alleged altercation between the comedian Laura Clery and her ex-husband, Stephen Hilton, during one of Clery’s Instagram live broadcasts. According to user reports, Hilton appeared to be instigating a fight, to which Clery reacted. This altercation took place in the presence of their child, which added to the concern expressed by viewers.

Clery later addressed the incident in her own video, explaining that she had asked Hilton to leave after the argument but he refused to do so. While some viewers expressed an understanding of Clery’s reaction to the instigation, the general consensus seemed to be that engaging in a public argument in front of a child and having it broadcast live on social media is not appropriate behavior.


In the spring of last year, the couple publicly announced their separation. Since then, observers have speculated about Hilton’s alleged involvement with drugs and conspiracy theories, which have led to some individuals jokingly referring to him as a cult leader. It appears that the pair’s personal issues have become fodder for public discussion, with viewers and fans weighing in on the various rumors and allegations surrounding their relationship.

Laura Clery is a popular comedian, actress, and social media influencer based in California. She has gained a significant following for her hilarious videos and relatable content, which she shares daily on various platforms. With a fanbase of over 14.6 million followers on Facebook and 3 million on Instagram, Clery has become a household name in the world of online comedy.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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