Rumor: Jake Paul To Fight Vs. Ex-WWE Star Matt Riddle?

Rumors are circulating around saying that boxer and social media star Jake Paul will be fighting against ex-WWE star Matt Riddle. 

In September, Riddle was let go by the wrestling promotion after a round of talent cuts, something that also did not surprise the fans. 

Riddle was recently involved in an incident at the John F. Kennedy International Airport where he got seemingly drunk and went out of control. The former WWE star also had backstage heat from various issues in the past. 

But, despite those, media reports said that various combat sports promotions are interested in working with Riddle, who is also a former UFC star. 

According to Dave Meltzer, the editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “preliminary” talks have been made regarding the possibility of a Jake Paul vs. Riddle match, adding that further discussions about it will take place this week. 

“At best, the talk right now should be categorized as very preliminary,” Meltzer revealed. “Ultimately it’s a call that will be made on Paul’s side. If it’s boxing rules, it’s likely an easy safe fight for Paul and Riddle would be doing it for a payday. If it’s MMA rules, it’s intriguing because Paul would be younger and has been fighting while Riddle hasn’t…”

Riddle competed on UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter” in 2008. He also completed in MMA promotions Bellator and Titan FC before he transitioned to pro-wrestling in 2015. 

Meanwhile, many fans know Jake as the younger brother of Logan Paul, who currently wrestles part-time for WWE. Jake also participated in various matches and scored victories.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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