Portuguese Vlogger Raphael Gomes Eats At Miami’s TikTok-Hyped Restaurants For A Day

Sorry, Los Angeles, but Miami’s food scene is also booming. This beautiful city in Florida is not only known for its beaches, but also for its smorgasbord of delights such as chicharron, stone crabs, stone crabs, arepas, ceviche, Cuban sandwich, churrasco, and so much more. 

The place’s food is so famous they have caught the attention of many TikTokers and content creators.

Thirty-one-year-old Portuguese vlogger Raphael Gomes took some time to eat at the most TikTok-hyped restaurants in the Magic City for a day. Yes, he did.

Some of the restaurants he visited were Cubaton Sandwich Shop – serving Classic Cubano, Batido de Mango, and Medianoche, among others – La Leggenda Pizzeria – which serves uber pizzas and pastas, among others – plus many more TikTok-famous restaurants. 

“I decided to test out the most popular food spots in Miami Beach according to TikTok and find out if they’re actually worth the hype!” Gomes said. “Birria pizza, candy burrito, gnocchi bowl, Cuban sandwiches and more!”

His video has already gained around 141,000 views as of press time.

Of course, the viewers are loving what they are seeing.

“I absolutely love your energy and personality,” commented @nellythecrybaby. “Through the years that I’ve been watching you I’ve [become] a cook in a [five-star] restaurant in Slovakia and I would be honored if you came to visit and try our delicious food. And I can also give you some cooking lessons (emojis)”

“Raphael is literally so funny without even trying. Comedians are shaking,” @user-cathymc, meanwhile, posted. 

Gomes is a YouTuber from Portugal but now lives in Florida. His content are mostly about food, music parody, and challenges. He has over two million subscribers on YouTube. 

You can watch the video below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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