JiDion Is Back On YouTube! But He Deletes His Previous Content, Is He Rebranding?

Popular YouTuber known for his prank videos, JiDion, is back on the video sharing platform after he previously stepped away from it. However, interestingly, he has deleted most of his previous content, sparing only two. Is he rebranding?

JiDion is back!

JiDion is back on YouTube after he quit the platform last September. 

“The way I’m living right now, if God was to take my breath away right now, I’m going to hell,” the YouTuber said. Adding, “I’m not gonna be poppin. I’m not gonna be on you guys’ For You Pages with edits, I’m not gonna be having the A$AP Rockies and Mark Wahlbergs hit me up.”

JiDion is known for his over-the-top pranks, as well as his outlandish livestreams. He began making YouTube content in 2018. As of press time, his YouTube channel boasts over seven million subscribers. 


However, fans noticed that he deleted all his old content, except for two videos. 

With this comeback, JiDion is also going to be creating new content. He will no longer create content for plain entertainment, but will focus on more moral content. 

He explained this decision in a video he posted yesterday, titled “Why I Deleted All My Videos…” He said he believed his previous content were ungodly. 

“There’s no Christian in their right mind that can make the case to say that the content that I was making was of God,” JiDion said.

Watch the video of JiDion explaining his decision below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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