xQc Believes He Faces More Backlash Than Most Streamers

It’s not at all 100 percent perfect in the world of your favorite influencers. Many times, they also receive criticisms from the fans.

In light of the new cookies being sold by Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer Pokimane and how her fans said the cookies are “overpriced,” her fellow steamer, xQc, believes he faces more backlash from followers than most streamers. Here’s the report. 

Pokimane’s cookies

Over the years – for reasons not revealed – some streaming stars, YouTubers, and influencers have also ventured into merchandise businesses, selling t-shirts, hoodies, food, and drinks with their own branding on them. 

Pokimane is one of them. She recently launched her Myna Snacks brand and its Midnight Mini Cookies. However, she was quickly swamped by a huge wave of criticisms that said the pricing of her cookies is expensive. Popculturizm released a story about this the other day.

The influencer responded to the comments, but again was criticized for implying that her fans are too “broke.” 

xQc weighs in

xQc, a Canadian online streamer and former professional Overwatch player, released a stream on Kick on November 22nd, relating Pokimane’s experience with his own. 

He said, “By ratio of people who were exposed to the news, she got less flak for flexing on somebody broke as a millionaire, right, in public than I did for flexing on another multi-millionaire with a… watch in private. That’s insane, let that sink in.”

He was referring to his beef last August with his fellow streamer, H3H3. During that time, there was a heated argument between the two over stolen content and fair use, sparking a dynamic debate in Internet content creation.

Over the past few weeks, the Canadian streamer also faced criticism for flexing his wealth on people in his public tweets. How about MrBeast?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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