Behzinga creates podcast, ‘Growing Paynes’ with partner Faith Kelly

While most people may know Behzinga for his Sidemen fame, it looks as though his online career has taken a recent plot twist. In July, he and his long-term partner Faith Kelly created a joint podcast named Growing Paynes. The title of this podcast is a play on words based on Ethan’s last name, Payne. According to the first episode, the podcast “Growing Paynes” is a weekly show that dives into the honest and often mundane realities of parenting which includes discussions on parenting topics that are often considered taboo, all the while keeping it light-hearted and fun.

After dating each other for less than a year, the pair had their first child, a girl named Olive. Although not yet married, they have since purchased a house together which is a far cry away from Behzinga’s single days where he lived in a luxury London flat.

So far, the podcast has proven popular with millions of views and it has already gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers. According to its description, the channel has new episodes every Thursday and states: ‘Step into the world of Growing Paynes, where every week, the dynamic duo Ethan and Faith pull back the curtain on their parenting journey. With candid conversations, spirited debates, and a touch of humor, they tackle the hot topics that many might shy away from.’

For Ethan, this marks a new entrance into a family man and a possible shift away from the Sidemen group.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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