Mama Jill called ‘delusional’ by online gossip queens

Recently, Mama Jill was the subject of criticism on Reddit where over 90 people commented on her physical appearance and mental health. This was started in a thread by a user named OKMaterial7075. Here, they said: “The delulu is fr setting in for mama Jill. She’s such a sweet person, but girl definitely not the bra babe. There’s no reason to squeeze into clothes that are too small. She’s already tiny.”

This was accompanied by an image of Jill below which was screenshotted from a recent Tiktok video of hers. In the video, Jill was jokingly referencing the result of wearing a tight bra and the appearance it had on other parts of her body.


Responding to this, another user named Amberenergy9 said: “I tend to defend her because I know firsthand how much an ED totally warps your brain, and I can’t imagine how that must amplify when you’re a public figure of sorts and people are constantly talking about it online. That being said…She really needs to stop doing things like this online. The constant body checking and obsessing with sizes to her audience of millions is nauseating and only hurts her. Hope she gets help.”

Mama Jill is a popular TikTok user known for her relatable, funny, and inspiring content. She is a mom from Owensboro, Kentucky, who’s gained a large following by documenting her everyday life, motherhood experiences, and weight loss journey. Here, her candor and ability to relate to a wide range of people has earned her a loyal fanbase.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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