Dream Come True: MrBeast Gifts A House To A Kid, He Was In Tears

Previously, YouTube sensation MrBeast built 100 wells for Africa. This time, he gifted a little boy a house, and the family was, of course, moved to tears. 

A house as gift

MrBeast is an early bird for the holidays or the season of gift-giving, as during last Halloween, he chose to give a house a gift to a boy who did trick-or-treating in front of that house. 

In a video shared by the YouTuber on Instagram and X, he said, before doing this big surprise, “I’m gonna give the next trick-or-treater the keys to this house!”

The video then showed a boy dressed in a cow costume knocking on the door of the house. 

“Trick or treat!” the boy said innocently, extending his jack-o’-lantern container.

MrBeast wasted no time revealing the big surprise. He told the kid, “I like your costume! Here’s the keys to this house.”

The boy removed the part of the costume covering his head, and was in complete shock. 

What a Halloween treat.

The boy’s parents were with him and also revealed that they are familiar with MrBeast’s YouTube channel. 

Aside from the house, the family also received a laptop and headphones. 

The young boy thanked MrBeast and tearfully hugged his parents, saying that his dream had become a reality.

‘The world needs more people like MrBeast’

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is an influencer who has 210 million subscribers on YouTube, as of press time. 

But he’s not like other influencers who are just all about fame. His reputation as a philanthropist is well-established. He has helped smaller YouTubers boost their online presence, embarked on home reconstruction projects to those who need them, offered free meals, intervened to prevent the closure of orphanages, and so much more.

“I hope this act of kindness inspires others to do the same. The world needs more people like MrBeast,” commented one netizen.

You can watch what happened below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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