Montana and Ryan announce they’re taking a break among rumors of split

YouTubers Montana and Ryan recently announced they were taking a break from each other which was posted in a video on Ryan’s Instagram. Here, he looked sad while his channel thumbnail still showed the couple happily smiling together which took place just months ago on their wedding day. Naturally, this got fans talking as thousands speculated on their situation. The post even gained over 60,000 likes which also shows its mass reach.


Despite the drama, not everyone was convinced. According to some fans of the couple, they have often done similar stunts in the past to gain attention. As a result, some aren’t taking this too seriously. In fact, since the video, it looks as though the couple are still happy together. Nonetheless, time will tell and although it looks unclear, you never know in the world of influencers and what is going on behind the scenes.

Montana Ryder Kaoud and Ryan Kaoud, who are collectively known as Montana & Ryan, are a popular YouTube couple who have earned a significant following for their lifestyle videos and vlogs. Montana was raised in Charlotte, NC, and originally started the channel, but eventually, Ryan joined her and they have since amassed over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers. They cover various topics such as relationship advice, pranks, surprises, and more.



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