Emily Mariko blasted by TikTok users over controversial $120

Emily Mariko is a popular social media influencer who gained fame for her TikTok videos showcasing her cooking and lifestyle. In particular, her salmon and rice bowls have become viral sensations. However, Mariko has recently found herself in the spotlight for a very different reason: her newly-launched “Farmers Market Tote” bag.

The tote, priced at a whopping $120, drew intense criticism for its high cost. Despite this, it quickly sold out, causing many to question why Mariko’s fans would be willing to spend so much on a simple canvas bag. Some argue that Mariko’s influence, combined with a pervasive “influencer culture,” may have led to the product’s unexpected success.

The response to Emily Mariko’s $120 Farmers Market Tote on TikTok was swift and unforgiving. Many users expressed disbelief at the steep price tag, arguing that the bag was nothing more than a glorified grocery bag. As seen in the image above, one user named Purplepeopleplaser was not happy and compared it to a Trader Joe’s $3 tote bag.

The incident has led to a broader conversation about the role of influencers and the value they assign to their products. It seems that many users feel that just because someone is popular on social media doesn’t mean that their taste or judgment is infallible. Many have questioned whether Mariko’s large following was enough to justify the exorbitant price tag on her tote bag.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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