Raphael Gomes Orders Every Taylor Swift Era As A Custom Cake 

Florida-based Portuguese YouTube vlogger Raphael Gomes has a new video. This time, he decided to order every era of Taylor Swift as a custom cake.

Custom cakes are growing in popularity nowadays. They are trending and preferred by many despite their more expensive price.

This type of cake goes above and beyond regular cakes as they can include handmade fondant pieces and flowers, as well as details that require a bit extra work than that with a traditional cake. Tiered cakes and wedding cakes are usually custom cakes. 

Gomes ordered a custom cake for every Taylor Swift era. They are: orange-flavored cake for Fearless, blueberry-flavored cake for Speak Now, red velvet-flavored cake for Red, coffee-flavored cake for 1989, and Oreo-flavored cake for Reputation.

The Lover cake is flavored cotton candy, earl grey for Folklore, maple for Evermore, and lavender for Midnights. 

“Each of them unique and each of them a unique flavor that I find represents the album,” Gomes said in his video. 

The custom cakes are huge, and he also got to taste each of them.

These Taylor Swift eras are all featured in her ongoing tour, “The Eras Tour,” which has been drawing such a massive number of fans and viewers from all over the globe. Some are taking it further by setting up camps so they wouldn’t lose seats in the show, and even traveling to a place where the concert is happening if their location isn’t one of Swift’s stops.

You can watch Gomes’ new video below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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