Lil Tay Strikes Back: Fires Shots at Haters and Labels Them BROKE

In the ever-entertaining world of social media and internet personalities, Lil Tay, the 16-year-old rapper, has made quite a splash recently. Known for her bold and unapologetic persona, she isn’t one to shy away from speaking her mind. In a recent Instagram live session, Lil Tay took the opportunity to fire back at her haters, calling them out and labeling them as “broke.”

Lil Tay, originally known as Tay Tian, has been a notable figure in the online world for quite some time. Rising from a young dancer to a rapper and internet sensation, she has made her mark in the industry. Even at the age of 4, Tay started her journey in the arts with ballet lessons and showcased her musical talents during the recent Instagram live, even playing the guitar.

The rapper’s journey has not been without controversy, including a recent fake death rumor that stirred the internet. Despite such events, Lil Tay has continued to thrive and express her talent through music and social media. However, with fame comes haters, and Lil Tay decided to address them head-on.

In her fiery Instagram live session, she dismissed her critics by highlighting their alleged financial status, emphasizing how they have been hating on her for years. Tay boldly stated, “It’s been five years, and y’ll still broke. The girl is back! Five years and I’m still the youngest one out! Five years and y’ll b*tches still broke.” She urged them to stop blaming her for their lack of progress and success.

The young rapper’s unapologetic and feisty demeanor has garnered attention, and fans are eager to see what she does next. Recently, Adin Ross teased a livestream with Lil Tay, generating anticipation among her supporters. Lil Tay remains a polarizing figure, unafraid to voice her opinions and defend herself against her detractors.



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