Reddit Post Breaks Down The Saddest Moments From MrBeast’s 2023 Videos

For some fans of MrBeast, now is the time for the 2023 wrap-up, but on a negative note. A Redditor has broken down the top three saddest and most heartbreaking moments from the YouTuber’s videos this year. 

2023 has been such a massive year for MrBeast, and while he did reward so many people with money, house, and more, there were also moments of sadness in some of his videos, such as when his challenges were difficult for his beneficiaries, so they would go home in tears. 

For the Redditor, who goes by the name u/010rusty on the platform, three of the saddest moments from MrBeast’s videos include those from “$10,000 Every Day You Survive In A Grocery Store”, “Ages 1 – 100 Fight For $500,000,” and “World’s Most Dangerous Trap!”

The first is from the video “$10,000 Every Day You Survive In A Grocery Store” wherein a challenge participant accidentally punctured his indoor pool. You would agree this is one of the saddest, right? 

The second is from the video “Ages 1 – 100 Fight For $500,000,” where participants ages one to 100 competed against each other. That sad moment was from the marble challenge, with one contestant leading the other, 17-3. 

The last is from the “World’s Most Dangerous Trap!” video, wherein all the contestants braved all of MrBeast’s challenges, but they ended up losing everything during the Squid Games cookie task. You don’t want to lose everything if you have worked hard for it, right? So, despite the outcome, MrBeast still gave a $100,000 reward in the end. 

Those are three of the saddest moments from MrBeast videos in 2023. If you have others in mind, feel free to share them with us via the comments section below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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