Media Reporter Tries Some YouTuber Coffee Brands, The Winner – Chamberlain Coffee 

It’s interesting that many of your favorite influencers have also ventured into businesses and brands, such as selling products. One of those products is coffee. Is it because coffee is irresistible? 

A media reporter from the publication Business Insider tried some coffee brands by popular YouTubers, and determined which of them is the clear winner. 

First, the reporter, Lindsay Dodgson, searched around for the content creators who sell their own branded beans. She found the list to include Bankroll Coffee by financial guru Graham Stephan, Awesome Coffee Club by Vlogbrothers Hand and John Green, Morris Coffee by YouTube golfer Micah Morris, and Florida Man Coffee by gamer GrayStillPlays.

Dodgson also included Kramoda by Vlog Squad members Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar; Coffee Brand Coffee by controversial commentator TheQuartering; Chamberlain Coffee by fashion influencer Emma Chamberlain; and Carlin Brothers Coffee by sensational millennials, the SuperCarlinBrothers. 

Top of the Mornin’ by superstar gamer Jacksepticeye, Dodger Coffee Co by streamer PressHeartToContinue, and Flight Fuel Coffee by TikToker Chris Olsen were also part of the list.

However, Dodgson noted that only four shipped to where she is located, so she was only able to try these four: Dodger Coffee Co, Chamberlain Coffee, Carlin Brothers Coffee, and Top of the Mornin’. 

Out of the four, the reporter said her winner is Chamberlain Coffee. 

“But judging by the similarity of some of the products, and the more memorable flavors of others, my winner has to be Chamberlain Coffee,” she wrote.

Despite its founder, Emma, revealing she had regrets starting this business of hers, Chamberlain Coffee is a successful coffee brand that does not only sell coffee, but also matcha, tea, and so much more. 

Congratulations, Chamberlain Coffee!

However, the reporter clarified, “None of the YouTuber coffees I drank were the best I’d ever had.”


Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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