MrBeast’s Latest Stunt: $500,000 To 2 People If They Survive 100 Days In A Room Eating The Same Food Everyday

After a week of delay as he said it took some time for him to edit the new video, MrBeast is back with another stunt!

But this time, the stunt does not involve him, but instead two people he promised to give $500,000 if they survive 100 days in a room eating the same food everyday, and more challenges!

The challenge

In this recent video, wearing formal attire, MrBeast introduced his “beneficiaries,” two people named Suzie and Bailey, who could each walk away with $250,000 if they survive being trapped in a room for a hundred days. 

They shouldn’t leave before 100 days, and if even one of them left, neither would get the money. 

The room had two beds and a private bathroom, but it had no windows and the two would be provided with the same food everyday, as well as the room’s lights were permanently set to “blindingly bright.”

No social media, too, so they were left to do everything to entertain themselves. 

Are you really willing to give away the prize money, MrBeast?

The twists

Perhaps he is, perhaps he’s not, as there’s a twist. 

Every 10 days, MrBeast would offer them a treat that would cost part of their potential prize money. If they choose to accept the offer, its amount would be deducted from the total of the money they would receive in the end.

Some of the offers Suzie and Bailey received were a private chef to cook them their meals, beds, a dimmer switch for the lights, the entire “Harry Potter” book series, a coffee machine, and a mystery box for $50,000.

While they accepted some, they declined the dimmer switch and the mystery box, which was later revealed to contain another $50,000, plus keys to two Teslas.

“I will regret this forever,” Suzy said, while Bailey was a bit more phlegmatic, saying, “I like my Prius.”

Since they spent a portion of their winnings on luxuries, MrBeast would be giving them $359,899. Still a huge amount.

Watch MrBeast’s latest video below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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