Rumors That Khaby Lame Dies In A Fatal Car Crash Circulate Online, Are They True?

Khaby Lame, a social media personality known for his silent reaction videos, has such a very pleasing personality that learning he might be dead is indeed one of the worst news a person can hear about.

Recently, Khaby Lame became the subject of rumors that he had died from a fatal crash, even trending online, leaving fans worried and asking if these were true.

For instance, there were videos on YouTube that showed how the star was involved in a fatal car accident by using edited images of him next to a battered crash car. 

But we’re not going to stall things longer. The rumors are not true, and he is very much well alive. 

In fact, to put an end to these death rumors, he has since posted a video on Instagram showing him lounging with Tottenham F.C. defender Emerson Royal. 

He also posted a recent video on his TikTok page where he impersonated models on a catwalk. There was also a video where he featured how Apple’s AirTag is useful when looking for your luggage on an airport’s conveyor belt. 


It works really well this AirTag , but even the eyes do their job sometimes #learnfromkhaby #comic

♬ original sound – Khabane lame

Khaby Lame, 23, is a Senegalese born social media star who rose to fame after posting TikTok videos during the COVID-19 pandemic when he lost his job in a factory. He now lives in Italy. 

But, compared to the content of other creators, his content is unique as he usually posts reaction videos with him just silent – shrugging and miming. 

He is also the most-followed TikToker so far, with Charli D’Amelio, Bella Poarch, MrBeast, and Addison Rae trailing behind him. He has also been featured in multiple Hugo Boss ads.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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