iilluminaughtii returns with doubling down and Wonderstruck claims she sent a Cease and Desist letter

It’s fair to say that it’s been a rough month for the Youtuber iilluminaughtii due to numerous run-ins and scandals on the platform. For those out of the loop, things began when she called out LegalEagle before eventually apologizing. This was just the tip of the iceberg though, as numerous people from her past came out and spoke out about her behavior.

This week, iilluminaughtii is back at it again – and this time returned to Twitter, addressing ‘false allegations in the process. Overall, it looked like a bunch of PR dribble which said a lot of words without really saying much. As seen below:

However, the chaos doesn’t end there. Recently, Wonderstruck tweeted that he’d been sent a cease and desist letter from her, whilst simultaneously claiming “I will not be silenced.”

So, if you thought this drama was close to ending, you’d be very wrong. In fact by the look of things, this one looks to be getting started and things may run for quite some time. Arguably, this isn’t really helped either by iilluminaughtii herself, who seems to keep things running – for better or for worse.



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