Fans Concerned For Fousey At He Takes A Stroll On A Freeway

Fousey’s subathon on Kick took a perilous turn when he live-streamed himself walking through heavy traffic on a bustling freeway, engaging with drivers as they passed by.

Over the past several months, renowned YouTuber Fousey has been conducting a continuous 24/7 subathon across his various channels, offering his fans a non-stop stream of content.

After encountering multiple bans on Twitch, including two bans within the same week, he transitioned to Kick as his primary streaming platform.

However, during his broadcast on August 21, Fousey’s actions veered into dangerous territory as he ventured onto a congested freeway, attempting to interact with individuals in passing cars. Fousey embarked on a dialogue while strolling down the middle lane of the local freeway to discuss recent events in his life.

“Hello, YouTube, everybody. The internet’s showing me hate. It’s now 2023, I’m 33 years old. Might have just signed a multi-million dollar deal, dog,” he articulated. “I’m planning to secure my entire family’s future.”

Approaching a moving vehicle, he engaged with the occupants, inquiring if they were familiar with him. He humorously added, “By the way, I’m on the Miami freeway.”

As a clip from Fousey’s livestream circulated on social media platforms, numerous individuals shared their perspectives on the incident.

One Reddit user remarked, “Fousey’s stream is absolutely mesmerizing. I can’t tear myself away from watching.”

Another queried, “Why on earth is he walking in the middle of the road?”

Expressing concern, another fan replied, “This is quite literally illegal. What is this individual even thinking, acting like a complete fool?”

Given the recent history of Fousey’s mental health struggles, many fans were concerned about his mental wellbeing. If the streamer was willing to walk down the middle of a freeway after the sun had gone down, what isn’t he willing to do?

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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