xQc Appears To Accidentally Dox Himself On Twitch Livestream

Once again, xQc appears to have inadvertently revealed his address by accidentally broadcasting a live Twitch stream while engaged in a private phone conversation. Throughout his tenure as a prominent streamer, xQc has gained a reputation for frequently changing his residence. Over the years, the Twitch sensation has relocated residences every few months, citing a variety of reasons for these moves.

While xQc hasn’t explicitly disclosed the reasons behind his recent relocation, previous instances have been prompted by factors such as swatting incidents, visa-related challenges, and unauthorized dissemination of his address. Notably, most of the instances where his address became public were not a result of his own actions. In the past, he inadvertently exposed his address through his IP address, but the current situation is distinct.

In a very brief stream lasting around a minute and a half, xQc was engaged in a private phone conversation where he needed to communicate his address to the caller. He provided his previous Texas address, which he no longer occupies. xQc only became aware of the live broadcast after receiving a text-to-speech message from a viewer. He swiftly terminated the stream and removed the video on demand (VOD). Nonetheless, the typical swiftness of the internet meant that the stream had already been captured in clips.

Addressing his Twitch chat, xQc explained, “I was ready to go live, and the go-live button was highlighted, I clicked space or some s*** and it went live.” He went on to remark, “biggest accident since I made this Twitch account. That’s actually insane. Welp. GG.”

Yet, certain viewers of xQc expressed skepticism regarding the accidental nature of the leak, speculating a connection to Adept, his former partner with whom he is undergoing divorce proceedings. The theory suggests that she might have been residing in the house following xQc’s departure since early June. However, this supposition remains unsupported at this point, and it’s advisable to treat it with caution until confirmed.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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