Kris Tyson announces hiatus citing emotional exhaustion as key reason

Kris Tyson recently took to Twitter to announce that she was taking a break from social media. According to Tyson, this had to do with misgendering and feeling emotionally exhausted as a result of it. She also briefly mentioned legal issues but didn’t go into further detail.

In two statements back-to-back, Tyson wrote: ‘I’ve been taking a break because I’m currently cutting out the people who think acceptance is solely allowing me to exist around them and that because they allow me to be in their presence, means I should be okay with misgendering and dead naming. Emotionally I am exhausted.’ She then continued, ‘They have had 2 years and I’ve smiled and said nothing because I felt like that was what I deserved. No one deserves that. But legal stuff might take place so I’m going to be afk from social media for a while. Love you all.’


Due to the ambiguous nature of the statement, this got tongues wagging on social media by fans of Tyson. However, as of now, no one really knows who the Tweets were aimed toward.

Kris Tyson, a popular YouTuber and member of the MrBeast crew, made a bold and inspiring step in July 2023 when she came out publicly as transgender on an episode of The Banter podcast, hosted by David Dobrik and Jason Nash. The 27-year-old had already been privately confident in her decision for over a year but felt comfortable enough to announce it publicly after starting hormone replacement therapy in February of the same year.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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