Ryan’s World Further Expands Its ‘Pirate Adventures’ Franchise With New Shows, Toys

pocket.watch has partnered with Sunlight Entertainment to further expand the Ryan’s World Pirate Adventures brand with new shows, as well as toys. 

pocket.watch is a studio that creates global franchises from YouTube stars. Meanwhile, Sunlight Entertainment is the production company owned by the YouTube child wonder, Ryan Kaji’s family. 

In time for the Halloween season

Shion Kaji, Ryan’s dad and the CEO of Sunlight Entertainment, said this is the perfect opportunity to reach out to more kids, especially that the Halloween season is on. 

“After seeing the massive success of Ryan’s World Pirate videos on YouTube, we are looking forward to expanding our Pirate World and bringing it to more kids, especially timed to the Halloween season,” Shion stated. “Whether they’re adventuring along through YouTube episodes, the Pirate Adventures special, the toys or the mobile game, there is truly something exciting for every kid.”

The new live-action and animated special titled “Ryan’s World Pirate Adventures Trick-or-Treasure” is now available on Ryan and Friends Plus and Happykids. Happykids is a free and safe video streaming app that entertains and educates children of all age groups with shows, movies, music, stories, rhymes, cartoons, DIYs, activity guides, and even vlogs and more.

In this new animated special, Ryan must answer the riddles from a ghost pirate to get his costume back. Pretty cheesy, but of course, phenomenal.

Throughout this month and in November, new live-action and animated episodes are debuting on the YouTube channel of Ryan’s World.

Plus, toys

An exclusive line of toys inspired by the animated special has also launched at Target’s stores and online shops. 

The range of toys includes:

  • A Giant Mystery Egg, which features seven toys such as mystery figures, Cap’n Ryan’s Barrel Boat vehicle, a fidget spinner, putty and stickers
  • A Micro Treasure Chest, with four micro figures, a foam sword, mystery sand, stickers and a Ryan’s World comic strip
  • The Teeny Chest Series 2, with three micro figures, a spinner and a sticker

If you have a kid at home, they will, for sure, enjoy these. 

“We’re thrilled to expand the Ryan’s World franchise to provide kids more of the content they love and allow them to extend the play in their own homes through immersive mobile gaming and new Target exclusive toys,” said Amanda Klecker, pocket.watch’s senior vice president of marketing and franchise.

The star of Ryan’s World, Ryan, has recently been named one of the top content creators by Forbes.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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