Youtuber Jesse Wellens Creates Bizarre MrBeast AI Chatbot

YouTuber Jesse Wellens has leveraged recent technological advancements to bring forth an AI rendition of MrBeast, a popular content creator. This AI creation has reached a point where you can engage in actual conversations with it via the Telegram app. For what it’s worth, the bot has no affiliation with the real MrBeast, but was created using video and audio footage of the worlds most popular Youtuber.

The remarkable progress of Artificial Intelligence has sparked significant discussions about its capabilities, and this subject seems more pertinent than ever.

Pushing the boundaries even further, YouTuber Jesse Wellens has introduced his new podcast featuring an AI version of MrBeast. By thoroughly compiling numerous hours of MrBeast’s content, fans now have the opportunity to interact online with the philanthropic figure, albeit in AI form.

The announcement was made by Wellens on Twitter, unveiling that the debut episode of the Not a Normal Podcast featured an interview with AI MrBeast.

The podcast’s description stated, “Anticipate the unexpected and prepare for a dose of AI-driven amusement!” Wellens also clarified that no monetary gain would arise from using MrBeast’s likeness, as the primary intention was to “initiate a conversation.”

MrBeast himself (the real individual, not the AI) responded to this development with a baffled expression, writing, “What is this in Gods name is this.”

During his interview, the AI rendition of MrBeast shared insights and advice with the podcast hosts on how to enhance their channel. It suggested audacious ideas like “excavate a substantial pit and lower a train into it” or bestow free cars upon their subscribers.

For now, this all just seems like harmless fun. However, it does raise the question of what would happen if a video bot could display life-like qualities and then imitate MrBeast with real world realistic responses.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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