Adin Ross tries to sell his brand new Rolls Royce to Rick Ross

A recent encounter between Kick streamer Adin Ross and rapper Rick Ross took place whereby Adin tried to sell the mogul his brand new Rolls Royce car. During a conversation, Adin offered his car to Rick, claiming that it was brand new and that he wanted to sell it. It may seem odd to see these two together but their last name isn’t the only thing they have in common, as they are both natives of Florida.

While some may think this was a joke, it certainly wasn’t as later footage showed the pair inspecting the car inside Adin’s garage. Here, Adin claimed that he would give Rick a deal, while Rick was impressed by the mustard seats.

Various estimates put Adin’s net worth in the range of $16 million to a whopping $47 million. This massive wealth has been primarily accumulated through his successful livestreaming career, where he showcases his gaming skills and interacts with his loyal fanbase. However, this pales in comparison to Rick Ross, who is worth well over $100 million.

In short, this may be the equivalent of selling your friend a pair of sneakers you no longer require and although a Rolls Royce may seem like a big deal, to these two it clearly isn’t. What also makes the deal more likely is that Rick Ross loves cars.

The rapper boasts a jaw-dropping collection of over 100 vehicles including luxury rides like a Maybach 57S, Ferraris, a Lamborghini Murciélago, and more.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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