Life of Brittney announces she will no longer be fostering kids

Tennessee-based TikTok star Life of Brittney recently announced that she will no longer be fostering kids going forward. Over the past few years, her TikTok channel had grown hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views from her content which was based on the life of a foster parent.

Based on this context, it is quite surprising to read her announcement. Here, she wrote: ‘Yup. You read that correctly. We are not foster parents any longer. Yes. Elaina is still well and with us. She will remain with us. But we are no longer licensed foster parents anymore as of today. We are closing this chapter of our lives and focusing on getting Kenzie into and through middle school, Dani into and through high school, and Elaina into and through college and becoming a mom herself. We may be closing this chapter of our lives, but there is so much more and better to come. Any negativity will be blocked. I don’t have time or energy for that nonsense.’


This news came after it was revealed that Brittney (real name Brittney Ward) was undergoing a DCS investigation. At this point in time, it is not known if this investigation is what led to her quitting fostering though.

As Brittney’s entire channel is based on fostering, it will be interesting to see where the content goes from here or whether the channel is discontinued altogether.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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