Amazing Footage Shows Crows Waiting In Line To Share Food

Incredible footage shared to Reddit by the company Bird Buddy showed crows behaving in a way that you would expect to see in a convenience store.

While this is a great advertisement for their AI bird camera, this is not really what interested anyone the most. It would be hard to dispute that the crows are genuinely waiting in line for their turn to take a monkey nut and not pushing in before the previous crow had chosen what it wanted.

Crows are very different birds compared to the likes of chicken, who rely on a pecking order, with the weakest and smallest birds often having to wait until the very end to take whatever scraps are left. Instead, the crows display some human like characteristics and actually seem to have a line in place to take the food.

This is confirmed by the fact that each bird is left alone to choose a monkey nut, as well as the crow who is next in line always waiting on the water dish. It would be easy for anyone of the birds to swoop down and skip the line, but for some reason they do not.

Various doctors from the University of Bath have also observed that crows have a social network and tend to share food in their studies, so bird experts may not be too surprised by the footage.

Some commenters on the thread claimed that the crows behave more civilized than many humans in a busy store!

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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