Engineerleen announces PREGNANCY on Tiktok

In a recent TikTok video, creator Engineerleen showcased that she was pregnant, with a picture of her baby scan. She wrote underneath it, “The best birthday surprise. This has been the hardest secret ever to keep.”

This comes after a deleted video around one month ago, where she posted about nausea. Interestingly at the time, this video was swiftly deleted – but it now makes sense as to why she was feeling unwell. In fairness, internet sleuths who saw the video did speculate whether she was pregnant. Well, it seems as though they were right!

Over the years, Leen The Engineer has amassed over 600,000 Tiktok followers and has shown a glamorous take on being a professional engineer. Alongside her likable personality, it’s not surprising that her social media pages took off like they did. Now it seems her life will be changing drastically yet again. In the space of a few years, she has gone from an engineer, to an influencer, and soon she will be a mother!



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