Chuggaaconroy posts apology after claiming to have ‘hurt’ Lady Emily

Popular gaming YouTuber Chuggaaconroy recently made a lengthy public apology to Lady Emily after admitting to having made ‘hurtful’ comments towards his fellow internet personality. This came after a tough week for Chuggaaconroy who faced being canceled after serious allegations.

Known for his gaming content, Chuggaaconroy (originally from Phoenix) addressed not only his previous comments directed towards Lady Emily, but also the backlash he received for his past social media activity and remarks made in his videos. Specifically, he explained that his passion for footwear was the reason behind certain tweets and comments about shoes, which had drawn criticism from some viewers.

The message began by saying: ‘Hey all, I ask first of anyone who think it’s helping to insult Emily on my behalf; please don’t send any further negativity her way. Emily should be treated with respect, and ended by claiming: ‘One last time, I recognize I have hurt people and needed to be held accountable for t. I respect anyone who feels disappointed or hurt. I decided around the time of the incident that I would never do this again and learn from it, but I would understand if you didn’t wish to support me any longer.’


In short, the tone of the message throughout admits that he hurt Emily, which feels like a direct counter to what many people have said about him.

One particular tweet from Chugga’s Twitter account, dated April 1, 2012, has garnered significant attention in light of these accusations.

The tweet in question reads, “Open mouth, insert foot,” which some have interpreted as a suggestive or inappropriate remark, particularly in the context of the allegations made by Lady Emily. While the precise intent behind the tweet is not explicitly clear, it has nonetheless added fuel to the ongoing discussions surrounding Chugga’s behavior and the allegations being levied against him.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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