Opossum Crashes A Texas Football Game, Becomes An Instant Internet Celebrity

What if an opossum comes in to “play” during a football match? It surely is a nuisance, but the netizens are loving this scene. 

A matchup between the Red Raiders and Horned Frogs last Thursday unexpectedly featured an appearance from an opossum. 

After the first quarter of the football game between Texas Christian University and Texas Christian University last week, an opossum ran onto the field at Jones AT&T Stadium located in the Lone Star State’s Lubbock city. 

The opossum was eventually caught, but instantly became an instant Internet celebrity for showing its displeasure over being removed away from the field, like a crying toddler being dragged away from a toy store when parents don’t want to buy the expensive toy for the kid. 

The president of Texas Tech University, Lawrence Schovanec, was captured in photos shared on social media even greeting the opossum. 

Nevertheless, the rodent may also have been a good luck charm for Texas Tech University, as its football team defeated that of Texas Christian University’s, 35-28. 

Netizens were eager to share their thoughts online. 

“Anyone missing a pet possum? If so, it’s at The Jones (emoji) #WreckEm,” tweeted @_mattstell

“Move over Taylor Swift. Football opossum is here,” meanwhile tweeted @StanLewis_, referencing the singer’s attendance at the football matches of the person she is currently “dating.”

“he was so happy,” tweeted @nocontextcfb.   

How about you? What do you think of this opossum’s “surprise appearance” at a college football game?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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