Swipe Right Or Swipe Left? Facebook Creator Makes Tinder In Real Life Possible

Tinder is a popular online dating and geosocial networking application that was launched in 2012. Many people have this app on their devices. 

The app works by providing its users with profiles of other people, which include their photos, their short bios, and some of their interests. They basically just have to “swipe right” if they like what they are seeing, and “swipe left” to reject the person they just saw. Then, they can interact with the people they like, for instance. Perhaps to set up a date? 

According to data from Business of Apps, this dating app has 75 million users. Whoa.  

This popularity of Tinder has prompted some to create a real-life version of the app. Yes. 

A video was recently shared on the Facebook page of video creator Airrack that showed how Tinder was turned into a real-life swiping right and swiping left. Also a YouTuber, Airrack has around 575,000 followers on Facebook. 

In the video, a man was able to try this real-life version of Tinder. He stood by a podium with two buttons on it. There’s a green button which he pressed whenever he liked the girl, equivalent to “swiping right” on Tinder, and a red button he pressed if he disliked the girl, equivalent to Tinder’s “swipe left” option.

He’d got a bunch of girls falling in line before him. All were beautiful, so it was really difficult to make choices. However, instead of having their bios and information about their rests, the man only got to judge based on the ladies’ physical appearance. 

The video showed the man who tried the real-life Tinder pressing the red button for a stout Black woman with curly hair, a lady with spectacles, an Asian woman, a lady with a dog, and many others. 

Meanwhile, he “swiped right” for some blonde girls, and those who were really physically attractive. 

Then, he was able to date and bond with the girls he liked. 

The netizens are loving the video, which now has around 7.8 million views. One Facebook netizen even said they wished they were in one of Airrack’s videos.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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