This Dog Loves Shopping For His Own Food In The Grocery Store

Dogs who perform on stage are adorable. But what about dogs who do their own grocery shopping for their food? Equally amazing.

This dog in British Columbia, a province in Canada, likes to do the shopping for his treats all by himself – from picking up the items from the shelf to paying for them at the cashier.

In a video recently shared on the Facebook page of Dave Hollister, the owner accompanied his dog to the grocery store to buy his pet’s food. 

The clip showed the cute dog getting the treats he likes from the shelf, and putting them inside the basket.

“Put it in the basket. In the basket,” the owner was heard saying. “Good boy.”

And when it was time to check out the items on the cashier, the dog hands them out to the cashier. The owner also handed the money to his pet, who then handed it to the cashier staff.

The cashier seemed to love what she was seeing, so she gave the dog some free treats as a reward before handing him the packaged goods. 

The video has already received around 258,000 reactions as of press time, and netizens are loving it too. 

“Wow such an amazing dog, wish I could have that kind of dog someday,” commented Dalia Magbanua Esguerra. 

Netizen Olivia Jane Thorpe, meanwhile, commented, “Omg this is so adorable. Whet a clever boy. He knows what he wants.”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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