Airline Puts 6-Year-Old Flying Alone – And On The Wrong Plane!

The holiday season is always the busiest travel time of the year. Many people fly to their hometowns or go on vacations. Since it gets pretty busy, some airlines are forced to carry out the most outrageous decisions, such as making a little kid fly by himself on a separate airplane.

Well, an airline, perhaps due to the fact that it’s the busiest travel time of the year, placed a six-year-old on a separate plane. For parents and guardians, this is scary.

Maria Ramos, the grandmother of Casper, the child, shared how the boy was set to fly by himself from Philadelphia to Southwest Florida Airport in Fort Myers. This happened a few days before Christmas this year. 

But, what horrified the grandmother was when Casper did not arrive at the destination. 

Apparently, the child was not only asked to fly by himself, but also was sent to the wrong plane. Ramos was told the boy did not get on the plane bound for Florida, his supposed destination, but his bag did make the journey. 

Ramos told WINK News: “They told me, ‘No, he’s not on this flight. He missed his flight.’ I said, ‘No, he could not miss his flight because I have the check-in tag.'”

She also shared how she ran inside the plane to face the flight attendant, asking her, “Where’s my grandson? He was handed over to you at Philadelphia?’ She said, ‘No, I had no kids with me.’”

It turns out that the six-year-old boy was instead sent to Orlando Airport, which is a four-hour drive from where Ramos was. But the worrying grandmother did drive to the wrong destination her grandson was sent to. 

She said it was one of the scariest experiences of her life. She also demanded an explanation from the airline, Spirit Airlines, about how those mistakes happened.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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