Ex-UFC Fighter Claims She Made More From OnlyFans In 24 Hours Than 13 Fights

Former UFC fighter Paige VanZant has unveiled the astonishing sum of money she has generated through her involvement with OnlyFans, comparing it to her entire career in the fighting world.

The polarizing adult platform, OnlyFans, has provided numerous well-known content creators and personalities with the opportunity to amass greater earnings than what they might have achieved through other avenues. This trend has been witnessed with figures like Twitch streamer Alinity, who shared stark disparities in their earnings after joining OnlyFans. Now, Paige VanZant from the UFC is stepping into this discourse.

During an interview conducted by Barstool Sports, VanZant delved into her experience with OnlyFans and shared astounding figures that offer fresh insight into the financial aspect of fighter compensation.

VanZant articulated that despite her involvement in a variety of endeavors over the years, her endeavors beyond the UFC and fighting realm have been notably successful. She has diligently strived to transition into a more prominent mainstream personality across various industries.

Nonetheless, the disparity between the financial outcomes of OnlyFans and all her other endeavors is strikingly significant—making the comparison almost unfair.

VanZant expressed, “OnlyFans has emerged as my most substantial source of income, likely surpassing the combined earnings from my entire fighting career.” She further elaborated on the stark contrast, highlighting, “I believe I’ve accumulated more income in a single day on OnlyFans than I had amassed throughout the entirety of my fighting career. And this occurred within a mere 24-hour span.”

This revelation underscores the shifting landscape of income streams for public figures and emphasizes the financial opportunities that platforms like OnlyFans can provide.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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