Adin Ross Doesn’t Bother To Meet Drake & Turns Down Offer

Social media is abuzz with jests aimed at Adin Ross for reportedly missing out on an encounter with the renowned artist Drake, leaving many amused by his apparent “flaking” on this esteemed meeting.

Adin Ross, a prominent content creator, made his mark on the Kick platform earlier this year after facing a permanent ban from Twitch. As a top broadcaster on Kick, he has engaged with several mainstream celebrities, including a recent interaction with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather captured in an IRL stream.

In an interesting turn of events, Ross had a golden chance to meet none other than the celebrated rapper Drake. Regrettably, it seems he wasn’t able to seize this opportunity to meet the iconic Champagne Papi.

During an August 31 livestream, it came to light through a phone conversation that Ross had been invited to spend time with Drake during his “It’s All a Blur” tour. This tour had garnered attention for Drake due to an incident where a woman’s thrown bra led to her newfound fame and a deal with Playboy.

“Yeah, he’s sick, guys,” his manager said. “He’s been sick for a week. Even though he was supposed to be at Drake’s tour the last couple days. Drake personally invited him to his show, and this idiot is f*ckin’ sick. He’s making up excuses.”

Tragically, Ross had to decline the offer due to his illness. Despite his explanation, his manager didn’t hold back in playfully teasing him about “flaking” on a monumental figure in the rap scene.

As the news spread across the internet, observers and commenters shared their astonishment at Ross missing out on such a significant opportunity, adding to the overall amusement.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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