David Dobrik Set To Make Pizza Restaurant Themed Reality TV Show

David Dobrik has unveiled his aspiration to create a reality show centered around the employees at his Doughbrik’s Pizza establishment located in West Hollywood.

Well-known for his substantial YouTube presence boasting over 18 million subscribers, David Dobrik stands as one of the platform’s most influential creators. Although his frequency of uploading YouTube videos has decreased, his channel continues to rank among the most popular. However, his pursuits extend beyond YouTube, as he has delved into multiple entrepreneurial ventures.

After establishing the popular photography app Dispo, fans of Dobrik were taken by surprise when he ventured into the realm of restaurants, inaugurating his own pizzeria towards the end of 2022.

David has now unveiled his desire for his forthcoming endeavor to take the form of a reality show that revolves around the employees at Doughbrik’s Pizza.

“We’ve certainly contemplated the idea of having a show centered around Doughbrik’s, one that’s perhaps akin to a blend of ‘Selling Sunset’ and a restaurant-based reality show,” he shared with Distractify. Clarifying the premise, he emphasized that it wouldn’t depict wild parties every day, but would rather reflect the lives of young individuals in LA who are juggling their ambitions, such as pursuing acting careers, while also holding down day jobs. “I believe a show exploring that dynamic would be genuinely intriguing,” he added.

David further expressed his intention to take a backseat role if the show materializes, letting the employees take the spotlight.

Dobrik initiated Dougbrik’s Pizza on November 12, 2022, in West Hollywood, and the establishment has witnessed impressive success.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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