TikToker Finds $2 Thrift Store Necklace That Is Actually Worth $3k

A TikTok user gained viral attention after revealing that the $2 necklace she purchased from a thrift store holds an astonishing value of $3,000.

In a widely circulated video that amassed over 400k views, Jess Smith recounted her visit to a favored thrift shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As is her custom, she headed directly to the necklace section. Amid her perusal, she came across a pendant necklace of considerable size, characterized by vivid neon hues and translucence, a visual resemblance that some viewers noted to a Tide Pod. The pendant also bore a signature alongside the year 1973 etched into its surface, though the meaning of the inscriptions remained elusive.

Proceeding to purchase the $2 necklace, Jess performed a reverse image search on Google, resulting in a revelation that exceeded her expectations. The necklace turned out to be an exceedingly rare piece of lost art, crafted by the late Pittsburgh artist Aaronel deRoy Gruber, renowned for her innovative 3D plexiglass creations.

Impelled by her newfound knowledge, Jess contacted the Aaronel deRoy Gruber Foundation, which extended an invitation for her to bring in the necklace and explore more of the artist’s works.

Upon meeting with the foundation’s director, the authenticity of Jess’s necklace was confirmed. It was appraised to hold a value ranging between $2,800 and $3,200.

Subsequently, Jess made the decision to loan the piece to the foundation for exhibition purposes. As she stated in her video, her intention in acquiring the necklace was never to sell it. She had initially deemed the piece interesting to wear but was astounded to discover its historical significance as an art treasure. In light of this revelation, she asserted her newfound awareness that the necklace is a vital part of art history, solidifying her resolve not to part with it.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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