KSI Claims To Earn $1.5k Per Month From Twitter

KSI has unveiled his earnings from Twitter/X for August 2023, and the figures might come as a surprise due to their relatively modest nature when compared to expectations.

Following Elon Musk’s successful acquisition of Twitter, now rebranded as X, the platform introduced a novel system where users could potentially earn based on their prominence on the app. Users are given the choice to subscribe and tip specific Tweeters, while a set of criteria encompassing followers, interactions, and other factors allow nearly everyone to potentially earn money.

Considering prominent content creators like KSI, who boast considerable popularity on other platforms and a substantial following on Twitter/X, one might assume they’d be raking in substantial profits from their tweets. However, KSI has unveiled that these earnings don’t quite compare to the revenues generated on platforms such as YouTube.

During episode 392 of “imPaulsive,” KSI joined forces with his business partner Logan Paul to welcome Manchester City star Erling Haaland to their lineup of PRIME athletes. Prior to introducing the football star on the show, the internet sensations discussed their upcoming PRIME card, ongoing feud with Dillon Danis, and the potential for income from Twitter/X.

In KSI’s words, “My impressions are quite substantial, totaling in the hundreds of millions, yet my earnings for the entire month of August amounted to $1590.” Notably, KSI enjoys a following of 9 million on this social media platform, and each of his tweets consistently amasses over 2 million views.

Logan Paul chimed in, acknowledging that while some might view KSI’s $1500 earnings from Twitter/X as a noteworthy accomplishment, it pales in comparison to their primary income source, YouTube. KSI echoed this sentiment, humorously expressing that while he’s thriving on YouTube, his response to Twitter earnings is more along the lines of “alright, cool, yeah.”

While some people may think that this is not a lot of money, just 6 months ago, nobody earned 1 cent from Twitter, so this should be a welcome added bonus to anyones income.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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