Brace Yourself For These Viral Food Trends This 2024

Another Christmas is done, can you believe it? We have to wait another year for another Christmas. But don’t be sad as New Year is happening a few days from now. Are you ready to ring in 2024?

As per tradition, this is the time when people read about trends and predictions for the New Year. It could be about fashion or fortune. Or, it could also be about food. Here are the viral food trends coming to you this 2024. 

At-home luxury

The COVID-19 pandemic may be somewhat over, but it has quite a good legacy. Do you think it only left bad marks? Think again. For instance, it paved the way for restaurants to discover they can offer meals at-home. Yes. 

Whether in the form of cookbooks or DIY versions of delicious dishes, plates delivered and served to your door is to continue and become even bigger next year.

The ‘plant’ in plant-based

Plant-based diets are devotedly followed by some of today’s top influencers, such as Steph Elswood and Niall Kirkland, among others.

They crush up the not-so-tasty veggies and turn them into sumptuous food choices by coating them in breadcrumbs. This is likely to continue but with a twist. Experts say protein-packed products containing new and more exciting versions of walnuts, mushrooms, legumes, and tempeh will pop up next year.

Mexican food galore

Mexican food is, well, no longer just for Mexicans. More authentic Mexican food will continue to dominate supermarkets. You are about to see more of Botana sauces, to-go tamales, and ready-to-drink tepaches as the New Year starts.

Ramens, dressed up!

Instant noodles are so common that they’re not new trends. But, in 2024, noodles like ramen will get dressed up. 

You’ll also see more gourmet noodle options appearing such as biang biang noodles – originated from China – and udon, as well as healthier and preservative-free versions.

Exciting. Happy New Year!

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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