Redditor Reimagines Some Content Creators As Part Of ‘GTA 6’

The excitement for “GTA 6” is just starting to build up – can you believe it? – from the time its first official trailer was shown worldwide earlier this month. Why not? “GTA 6” is launching after its predecessor in around a decade. 

However, its release – yes, the game itself – isn’t happening until 2025. So, for all you gamers and fans who couldn’t wait for “GTA 6,” except perhaps for xQc who said he is willing to pay Rockstar Games a hefty amount just so he could play the game earlier, there are literally more time to contain your excitement.

Such as what Redditor Murat Yasar did. On the platform, the Redditor released some fantastic designs featuring some content creators you know as if they are part of “GTA 6.”

For instance, there’s PewDiePie wearing a cap, looking fierce in his long-sleeve top with a printed design, and even having some tattoos on his neck area.

The Redditor also reimagined Pokimane as part of the game. Her hair is cut shorter with some highlights, she’s holding a gun, and her tattoos are seen with her revealing sleeveless outfit.

He also recreated Ninja whose hair highlights matched the characters in the game. There’s also Jacksepticeye with his longer hair and wearing sunglasses, smiling at the camera. 

Yasar managed to retain the personalities of those content creators, but with a twist. 

“GTA 6” is a game that has players stealing cars, driving a taxi, and fulfilling other challenging missions.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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