You Can Shop xQc’s Newest Clothing Brand Right Now

Popular Twitch streamer xQc is the newest addition to the list of influencers and content creators who are launching their very own brands. 

xQc has recently unveiled his newest clothing label, which follows the last name of his real name. The clothing brand is called “Lengyel.” 

In the official announcement on social media, Lengyel has xQc himself modeling the merchandise. He is captured on photo wearing a black shirt with the word “Lengyel” and an image of an owl printed on the design. 

But, there are many other designs you can choose from. According to Lengyel’s official page, the collection has shirts – either of black or white color – all with “Lengyel” printed on them, as well as designs of some mammals and birds.

Aside from the shirts, there’s also a hoodie you can snag. But, unlike the shirts, the hoodie just has a plain design. 

The shirts are priced at around $40, while the hoodie is around $76. 

“Every fabric in this fully cut and sewn range has been hand-picked for comfort and quality. Ensuring a tactile experience that’s as pleasing as it is thoughtfully designed,” the brand stated. 

xQc is a 28-year-old Canadian online streamer and former “Overwatch” player playing the game professionally. While he is vastly recognized for his streaming career, he rose to fame as a professional player of “Overwatch.” 

Popculturizm is sending our big congratulations to xQc for the launch of his very own clothing brand! The best of luck!

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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