Huda Kattan Unveils 5 Leadership Lessons Women Can Learn From

Iraqi-American Huda Kattan is not only a successful makeup artist and beauty blogger, but also a passionate entrepreneur. Last November, you know she announced she was donating $1 million to humanitarian organizations in Gaza, as she is pretty vocal about her pro-Palestinian stance. 

In fact, her Instagram account, which has around 3.9 million followers as of press time, is recently filled with awareness posts about the conflict

Kattan is also the founder of a billion dollar cosmetics brand called Huda Beauty. With that, it is just right to listen to her for some leadership lessons. 

Yes, she shared some leadership lessons that women can learn from.

1. Success is an inside job

Kattan revealed how she often sought approval and validation from other people who treated like a hobbyist when she first started Huda Beauty. But she said this is not the way.

“I realized that when you’re seeking validation outside, you’re unlikely to find it,” the 40-year-old said. “Only once I was operating from a place of passion and purpose again, and I could value my own success internally, did I feel fulfilled. And only then could I give my team the leader they needed.”

2. Being a hype woman gets you further 

Kattan also advised that women should “make time to have honest conversations” with themselves about their “own insecurities.”

Once women have done “the inner work,” they can “create the environments needed to confidently celebrate” not only themselves, but other ladies, too. 

3. Take compliments

For her, this is as easy as not being hard on yourself.

“If you want to be a leader who helps others see the great in themselves, you need to see the great in you first,” – amazing words.

4. Self-reflection, listening go hand in hand

“It’s a leader’s job to share a vision and give direction. But understanding how to give your teams what they really need to thrive is more important. And your team will always tell you what that is — if you just stop and listen,” she said.

5. Ditch the stereotypes about being a leader

According to Kattan, a great leader isn’t just somebody who cares about their team, but also gives props to their peers and colleagues.

Those are Kattan’s five leadership tips for women. But, by the way, men can learn from them, too. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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