WATCH: Woman’s Unexpected Hilarious Antics At Their Office Christmas Party Trend On TikTok

It’s Christmas day, and that means Christmas parties almost everywhere. However, in office parties, you would usually find yourself shy to reveal your hidden talents to your co-workers or boss, wouldn’t you? But not for this woman, definitely not. 

In a recent video posted by TikToker @savagesam91, which has gotten millions of views already, it shows a woman in their office Christmas party breaking into a random, elaborate dance. 

The trending video, which was captured in Florida, the post said, showed the office Christmas party with a DJ positioned over a music desk and the attendees seated at tables surrounding the open dance floor area. 

Cheers could be heard in the background as the woman, named Nancy according to the comments, was seen standing from her seat and discreetly walking to the dance floor. 

Then, suddenly and dramatically, she started dancing to the beats, gliding her hips side to side, and even holding her arms near her head. She also shuffled her feet and moved her body, as well as thrusted her chest in a popping choreography before she broke into robot-style moves.

It is also interesting as the woman appears a bit older compared to the other attendees, but she managed to dance to the beat of modern music. 

Indeed, the life of the party, and netizens are delighted by what they saw.

“You do not really know a person until they get drunk at the Christmas party,” TikToker Food4thought quipped. 

Watch the TikTok video below. Merry Christmas everybody!
Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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