Recent Study Shows Influencers Are More Of Risks Than Assets To Christmas Sales

Nowadays, many businesses and brands think that partnering with influencers, or asking them to endorse their products, will boost sales and revenue. It could be true, yes, but a recent study done by content management system Storyblok showed that influencers are more of a risk than an asset to Christmas sales. 

Christmas is a crucial time for businesses, especially those that sell products. They take advantage of this season when people and customers possess more money. 

They also tap influencers to promote their products. For instance, Domino’s Pizza recently partnered with streamer and YouTuber Ninja for the latter’s New Year’s Eve livestream, and many other brands are doing the same.

However, the Storyblok research said almost one in four shoppers are actively put off buying a product if influencers endorse it. 

Storyblok is a user-friendly and powerful headless content management system that empowers developers and content teams to create better content experiences across any digital platform.

In its study, 57 percent say an endorsement by influencers does not encourage them to buy that product. 

Storyblok surveyed 1,000 consumers mostly from the United Kingdom and the United States, evenly split from the two countries. The other respondents came from Germany, Australia, and Sweden. 

The respondents also stated that influencer endorsements for products could actually harm sales for Christmas. 

“An influencer endorsement is a double-edged sword. Although it might attract a younger audience to a brand, it can actively discourage other, higher-value shoppers,” Thomas Peham, Storyblok’s marketing vice president, said.

Should businesses rethink their strategies?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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