Plus-Size Influencer Remi Bader Used As Human Shield By A Forever 21 Shoplifter

If only he knew she was an influencer.

Plus-size influencer Remi Bader, who posts content that promote body-positivity, was used as a human shield by a brazen Forever 21 shoplifter. 

Human shield

The 28-year-old influencer, who appeared in Forever 21’s holiday ad campaign, shared the video on TikTok that showed she was filming content in the brand’s store in Times Square when a shoplifter casually followed her outside. The shoplifter was holding his stolen goods. 

“This man just shoplifted while I was filming using me as a shield pushing me saying go go go. I’m screaming!!!” Bader said in the caption. “I cannot stop laughing but i’m also sooooo shooooook … Nothing ever normal happens to me lmaooo.”

In the funny clip, the influencer was shown rocking a casual black sweatsuit and having two Forever 21 paper shopping bags in hand.

Then, she slowly approached the exit and started pushing the revolving door when the shoplifter suddenly scooted in behind her. 

“Oh my god, sir,” a random person could be heard in the video saying. 

Fans could not help but laugh at what happened to Bader. 

Forever 21 collaboration

Was that a publicity stunt? Perhaps or perhaps not, as Bader, along with other digital creators, currently has a collaboration with Forever 21 for a holiday collection.

In particular, the plus-size influencer teamed up with the fast fashion retailer for a capsule filled with pieces designed to help consumers navigate the holiday season in style. 

Doing it also with social media stars like Melinda Berry and Darianka Sánchez, this Forever 21 collaboration features a range of affordable fashion pieces, such as cropped jackets, leggy miniskirts, and more – all with signature color tones and metallic shades.

Bader’s TikTok clip with the Forever 21 shoplifter is below.


I cannot stop laughing but i’m also sooooo shooooook

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