Mom Of Influencer, Businessman Andrew Tate Suffers From Heart Attack

The mother of influencer and businessman Andrew Tate was rushed to the hospital on Thursday due to a heart attack. Tate said he has requested an emergency visit to the United Kingdom to be with his mother. People are sending their prayers.

Emergency visit to the UK

Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, also an influencer, have requested that they be allowed to visit the United Kingdom from Romania due to their mother suffering from a heart attack.

A spokesperson for Andrew and Tristan stated their mom “suffered a sudden heart attack this afternoon (Thursday) and was immediately rushed to the hospital”.

“It is our understanding that she will be undergoing emergency surgery. Her discharge from the hospital is contingent on the success of this critical procedure,” the statement added.

The two are prohibited from leaving Romania because of a case that claims they have gotten involved in various criminal acts. They have denied those claims. 


Meanwhile, other personalities and fans have sent their prayers to the family upon hearing about the sad news.

One of them is former Strikeforce mixed martial arts champion Jake Shields, who sent the Tate family his best wishes. He said he would be “praying” for Andrew, adding that it would be “criminal” if the latter was denied travel access.   

“Hope she gets well soon,” one fan posted on X. “We know how much you love her (emojis)”

Others said things like, “Praying for her,” “I will be sure to include her in my prayers tonight,” “Wishing her a speedy recovery,” and “Bro, I hope you get to see her. They’d be wrong not let you go.”

Andrew is a British-American media personality, businessman, social media influencer, and former professional kickboxer.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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