Man Tries The Age Filter With His Dad, They Look Very Much Alike

Gimmicks are everywhere on social media, and among them are age filters. You may have heard, come across, or used them yourself before. 

The viral age filter uses artificial intelligence or AI to change a person’s existing facial features, such as bags under eyes or wrinkles, to estimate how their face will age. 

This man, who goes by the name @josegaffet02 on TikTok, went above and beyond to use the age filter with his aged dad. He included his dad in the shot.

“It can’t be real #aged #timetravel,” @josegaffet02 captioned his TikTok video. He couldn’t believe the results himself!

The video started with the TikToker – how he looks like today – who had his dad beside him as he enabled the age filter. From 2024, they set the age filter up to the year 2073.

@josegaffet02 was shown with wrinkles and white hair as the age filter worked his look, among other features for the aged. 

But what’s very interesting is that, the way he looks in 2073, according to the age filter, is very much similar to the way his father looks now. They’re like twins! Genetics really works in mysterious ways. 

The netizens are loving it.

“This is the best old face filter effect…” said one other TikToker.

Meanwhile, another TikToker joked, saying “no DNA test required.”

“Dad be like: that’s my genes right there,” another commented.

See it for yourself. Watch the TikTok video below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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