Unruly Customer Threatens To Press Charges On McDonald’s Canada If He Doesn’t Get The Toy He Wants

When a restaurant like McDonald’s tells a kid that the toy they offer on their menu isn’t available, that kid may break down in tears. But when an adult is told that, they may start to act violently and even threaten to press charges.

Such as what happened to this customer in a McDonald’s store in Nova Scotia, Canada when he just started yelling at the crew when the latter told him that the toy he was looking for wasn’t available. 

Customer wants to press charges vs. McDonald’s

You have heard of several instances of unruly behavior from customers, such as this passenger rudely demanding water from the flight attendant and this Starbucks customer who threw her drinks at the barista. 

This time, there’s a man who visited a McDonald’s in Canada to order a Happy Meal, only to find out that the toy he was looking for was not available. 

Specifically, the man wanted a Pokémon card with his Happy Meal. The crew told him it wasn’t available, and that was when things heated up.

“I came here as a child. I wanted a child’s nostalgia meal. If I can’t have it, I want a refund,” the customer angrily said, as shown in the video posted recently on Daily Mail’s Facebook page. “This is McDonald’s Canada. McDonald’s Canada shouldn’t treat customers like this. He says he has no books or Pokémon cards left in stock… I want to press charges on McDonald’s.”

The crew member remained calm, handling the situation with so much professionalism, but things got worse when physical attacks ensued. Another person came into the scene and wrapped his arms around the unruly customer’s body to restrain him. 

“You are behaving worse than my disabled children, I’ll tell you that,” the woman filming the video was heard saying.

Mixed reaction from netizens

The netizens reacted smartly on the video, with some saying that the whole story must be known, while others saying that the man must be assessed by health professionals.

“[We] need to know the story before commenting on his action, it looks like the manager asked him to come on Sunday and get that Pokémon card, if that’s the case and McDonald’s was not able to offer this man what he is supposed to get, I can understand why he [got] mad,” Facebook netizen Bay Kwan commented. 

Meanwhile, Michelle Miloica said cops should have been called and the customer should have been brought to the hospital to be assessed. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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